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The Preciousness of Our Human Life

Invest Everything in your Practice (TCVC GrassRoots Dhamma, Summer, 2013)

Just Washing Dishes (excerpt from Voices of Insight)

Practicing the Precepts (TCVC GrassRoots Dhamma, May, 1998)

Dana (Grass Roots Dhamma, Summer, 2000)


Got Attitude (Originally published in Tricycle Magazine, Fall 2010)

Encouraging Counsel (Adaptation from Mahasi Sayadaw’s Admonition)

The Five Precepts: Supporting Our Relationships (Originally published in Voices of Insight)

Working with a Personal History (Originally appeared in GrassRoots Dhamma)

A Living Tradition (Originally published in Insight Journal, Spring 1991)

Grace is Available (Originally appeared in Grass Roots Dharma, Spring, 2003)

Mindfulness of Mind (Originally appeared in Grass Roots Dharma, Spring, 2006)

Recognizing Mental States (Originally appeared in Grass Roots Dharma, Spring, 2001)

Searchlight Casting for Faults in the Clouds of Delusion (Originally appeared in Grass Roots Dharma, Summer, 2010)

Universal Beauty and Well Being (Originally appeared in Grass Roots Dharma, Summer 2011)

A Seamless Process: Practice On and Off the Cushion – Interview with Steve and Kamala (Originally appeared in Grass Roots Dharma, Spring, 2005)